Studying Goals on

8 02 2008

In a recent effort, Thomas, a student in my research group, explored goals and goal relations on You can see an outcome of his effort in the Pajek screenshot below (click here for a larger version of the graph):

Goal Association Graph

We used API to crawl a minor set of goals and relations between them. The relations were inferred via a rather naive approach using simple weights for user- and tag- co-occurrences as well as’s similiar-goal API call. Surprisingly, many of the strongest associations inferred are rather intuitive. Utilizing’s API, this small exercise illustrates the potential of large socially-constructed corpora for collecting common sense knowledge (such as “fall in love” helps to “be happy” – as illustrated in the above screenshot). Making such common sense knowledge more explicit on one hand might help to aid users in formulating, progressing towards and satisfying their goals on the web, and on the other hand might help systems to identify, understand, assess and reason about users’ requirements and goals.



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24 08 2008
43things Vision + GeoSearch « Social Computation and Agents

[…] on studying and analyzing the goals that users have on their web (also see my previous post on constructing goal graphs from To demonstrate the relevance of this topic in an upcoming talk, I have experimented with Yahoo […]

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