WWW 2009: list of accepted papers

11 02 2009

… is now available online.

Papers I’m particularly interested in include:

  • Jian Hu, Gang Wang, Fred Lochovsky and Zheng Chen. Understanding User’s Query Intent with Wikipedia [PDF download]
  • Xing Yi, Hema Raghavan and Chris Leggetter. Discover Users’ Specific Geo Intention in Web Search [PDF download]
  • Andrei Broder, Peter Ciccolo, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Vanja Josifovski, Donald Metzler, Lance Riedel and Jeffrey Yuan. Online Expansion of Rare Queries for Sponsored Search [PDF download]
  • Deepayan Chakrabarti, Ravi Kumar and Kunal Punera. Quicklink Selection for Navigational Query Results [PDF download]
  • Elena Zheleva and Lise Getoor. To join or not to join: the illusion of privacy in social networks with mixed public and private user profiles [PDF download]
    the premise of this paper – personal attributes can be predicted by studying our social environment – sounds like a fascinating idea with implications beyond privacy

  • Ben Markines, Ciro Cattuto, Filippo Menczer, Dominik Benz, Andreas Hotho and Gerd Stumme. Emergent Semantics of Social Tagging [PDF download]
  • Ulrik Brandes, Patrick Kenis, Juergen Lerner and Denise van Raaij. Network Analysis of Collaboration Structure in Wikipedia [PDF download]
  • Shilad Sen, Jesse Vig and John Riedl. Tagommenders: Connecting Users to Items through Tags [PDF download]

Update: the full proceedings appear to be online here.




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