ACM Hypertext’09 Student Competition

4 07 2009

I just came back from a road trip to ACM Hypertext’09 with my students, and I’m particulary happy that one of them, Christian Körner, won the 1st place in this year’s ACM Hypertext’09 Graduate Student Research Challenge. Bravo Christian!

The competition was strong, and Christian did a great job in presenting preliminary results from his PhD research on Tagging Motivation. Here are a few links to his competition material:

I would also like to congratulate all runner-ups at the competition. All participating students worked really hard to present their research to conference attendees in an engaging way. I really liked the enthusiasm of the students, and the student competition as well as the conference as a whole gave me a bunch of new ideas and perspectives.

You might also be interested in my liveblogging notes on Ricardo Baeza-Yates‘ and Lada Adamic‘s very interesting keynotes at the conference.

ACM Hypertext'09 Student Research Competition



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8 07 2009
Why do users tag? Detecting user motivation in tagging systems « Intentialicious

[…] implications of different user motivations outlined above. Together with students (in particular Christian Körner, Hans-Peter Grahsl and Roman Kern), I am working on constructing and validating such a model, which […]

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