List of Social Tagging Datasets

22 07 2009

I’m currently compiling a list of social tagging datasets for our current / future research, but since it might be of interest to others as well I’m sharing it. Here’s the link:

A non-exhaustive list of Social Tagging Datasets that are available for research

If you are aware of other social tagging datasets available for research, please let me know by leaving a comment to this post.



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24 07 2009
24 07 2009
Markus Strohmaier

Ritesh, I’m looking for _tagging_ datasets specifically (i.e. datasets of tagged resources such as delicious,, flickr, etc), and it seems that the list contains mainly non-tagging datasets. Are you aware of additional _tagging_ datasets? thanks for your comment. M.

27 07 2009

Here is a collection of folksonomy data sets: (not all mentioned sets are available though)
Part of bibsonomy data – for KSDC challenge 08:

16 11 2009

Three more datasets are available here:

5 12 2009
Markus Strohmaier

Thanks everyone for your replies. I’d like to point you to the URL [1] again, as it now contains an updated version of the list.


6 12 2009
17 01 2010
Markus Strohmaier

Just to keep track, I am adding a link to another tagging dataset recently published.

Josek: thank’s for your pointers, I’ll update the list with new datasets every once in a while.

6 02 2010
Robert Wetzker

Hi Markus,

new dataset creawled from lastfm presented at WSDM 2010. One of the few public folksonomy datasets that contains the social user-user graph.



6 02 2010
Markus Strohmaier


11 02 2010
Markus Strohmaier

Even more datasets (including a Twitter Dataset):

8 03 2010
Markus Strohmaier

a very large twitter dataset (incl. hashtags)

27 09 2010
Social Tagging – Delicious KB Item - Maven Services

[…] List of Social Tagging Datasets * Intentialicious: Markus Strohmaier-s Weblog […]

13 11 2010
amara jyothi

iam doing project on ranking on social tags.. so i looking for datasets of tagged resources such as delicious,, flickr, etc… Can u help me?

13 11 2010
Markus Strohmaier

Amara, thanks for your comment – although I’m not sure what your request is about. For datasets, please follow the links listed above.

19 11 2010
amara jyothi

i found some of dataset with out user-feedback attribute in this site , but i required dataset with user-feedback. iam looking for any social tagging dataset with user feedback… plz help me…

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