WSDM 2010 List of Accepted Papers

26 12 2009

The list of accepted papers for WSDM 2010 is available now. Lot’s of exciting papers, I’m particularly interested in the ones related to tagging, microblogging, search intent and user goals. Here’s an excerpt of my reading list (including links to pdf-versions whenever they were available):

  • Query Reformulation Using Anchor Text (pdf)
    Van Dang and Bruce Croft
  • Tagging Human Knowledge (technical report)
    Paul Heymann, Andreas Paepcke and Hector Garcia-Molina
  • Ranking Mechanisms in Twitter-Like Forums (pdf)
    Anish Das Sarma, Atish Das Sarma, Sreenivas Gollapudi and rina panigrahy
  • Large Scale Query Log Analysis of Re-Finding (pdf)
    Sarah Tyler and Jaime Teevan
  • TwitterRank: Finding Topic-sensitive Influential Twitterers (pdf)
    Jianshu Weng, Ee-peng Lim, Jing Jiang and Qi He
  • I tag, You tag: Translating tags for advanced user models (pdf)
    Robert Wetzker, Carsten Zimmermann and Christian Bauckhage
  • Folks in folksonomies: Social link prediction from shared metadata (pdf)
    Rossano Schifanella, Alain Barrat, Ciro Cattuto, Benjamin Markines and Filippo Menczer