Informal Research Meeting at KMI

20 05 2008

Tomorrow, we will have an informal research meeting at the Knowledge Management Institute at TU Graz, and I am particularly happy that our guests Dr. Mathias Lux (University of Klagenfurt) and Prof. Oge Marques (Florida Atlantic University) will join us and that they both will give lectures tomorrow.

While Mathias will give a guest lecture in my course “Applications of Knowledge Management“, we have planned for the following talks in the afternoon:

Date/Time, Tomorrow (21.5.) starting at 14:00, Knowledge Management Institute, Meeting Room, Inffeldgasse 21a/II, 8010 Graz


  • Markus Strohmaier
    Introduction and Overview, slidesPDF
  • Guest Oge Marques, Associate Professor (15-20 min)
    „Image organization, annotation, and retrieval from a human-centered perspective“, slidesPDF
  • Mark Kröll, PhD student (15-20 min)
    Paper presentation: „Acquiring Knowledge about Human Goals from Search Query Logs“, slidesPDF
  • Christian Körner, MSc student (15-20 min)
    Work-in-Progress: „Constructing Goal Association Graphs from Search Query Logs“, slidesPDF
  • Monika Schubert, PhD student (5-10 min)
    Problem Statement: „Reconstructing Problem Structures from Software Repositories through (Social) Network Analysis: The Eclipse Bugzilla Case“, slidesPDF
  • Christoph Ruggenthaler und Andreas Haselsberger, MSc students (15 min) Demo: „A Working Prototype of a Social Goal Tagging Application“, Demo-Weblink, slidesPDF

I am excited to learn about Mathias’ and Oge’s research, and I hope we can give an interesting overview of the research that my group is conducting. If you are interested in one of the talks, please feel free to drop by. If you can’t attend but are still interested, I’ll try to make the slides of each talk available on the blog.

Call for Papers “Knowledge Acquisition from the Social Web” KASW’08

13 03 2008

I’m excited to be involved in the organization of this event. The focus of this workshop is on techniques and algorithms to acquire knowledge of different forms (e.g. commonsense knowledge, knowledge about user intentions, knowledge about social processes) from social web corpora, such as weblogs, wikis and others. The goal is to attract high quality submissions and to gather a strong community of researchers with different backgrounds that share a common interest in knowledge acquisition from the social web. The Call for Papers is out now – the Submission Deadline is April 28 2008.

International Workshop on
Knowledge Acquisition from the Social Web” KASW’08

held in conjunction with the Triple-I Conference


September 3-5 2008, Graz, Austria